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    How to use Conditional Formatting in Access

    Conditional formatting is useful in an Access form to easily identify data values based on color or other cell formatting.  Here, I apply the conditional formatting on a datasheet form in an Access database and apply the validation on rows to show the display based on the meeting of certain criteria.

    [separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”4″ bottom_margin=”4″ sep_color=”” […]

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    Relinking Back End to Front End Database Automatically using VBA code:


    If you’ve split your database into a front end and back end, you will from time to time need to update the links between the two, especially if you are in a development mode, passing the db back and forth to the developer.  Here is a method to automate that.


    Create a new blank database called […]

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    Use For arrows And Caption

    Here is a description about a project in which is based on education system of a university. A client has some these types of requirement in his project.

    The student can take admission in a semester and can select subjects according to his choice. If subjects not available in the campus, then he can get […]

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    Create an Access Web App

    An Access App is a database that you use in a standard web browser, which can be designed and modified in Access 2013. With an app like this you can share data within your organization using SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.

    Step1. Open Access 2013 and click on Custom Web App as shown below:


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    Custom Access database project for selecting courses for a university client.


    Here is a little write up to tell about a project for a university client for selecting courses and managing information.

    A student can register for a semester and can select subjects to fill up their schedule. If the class is not on a campus, then the student can get that course/subjects from another campus. […]

    By |January 10th, 2014|Blog|0 Comments