Here is a little write up to tell about a project for a university client for selecting courses and managing information.

A student can register for a semester and can select subjects to fill up their schedule. If the class is not on a campus, then the student can get that course/subjects from another campus. A student can take maximum four subjects/course in a semester/quarter.

Student Name: Registered student can select from this drop down.

Max class per Quarter: There is a maximum of four classes a student can select for a quarter/Semester.

Update: After this is clicked, the scheduled classes for that semester are assigned to the student.


Get rid of next section:


Emails are sent out automatically to students, with a nice looking pdf report with schedule information attached.


Here is the code for sending email.

Private Sub SendEmail_Click()

Dim i As Long

Dim strsql As String

Dim qdf As QueryDef

Dim strPath As String

Dim objFSO As Object

Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.Filesystemobject”)

If IsNull(Me.Combo13) Then

MsgBox “Please select student”

Exit Sub

End If

If IsNull(Me.Text8) Then

MsgBox “Please enter Max Classes per semester”

Exit Sub

End If

If IsNull(Me.Combo0) Then

MsgBox “Please enter Semester Start”

Exit Sub

End If

If IsNull(Me.Combo2) Then

MsgBox “Please enter Semester End”

Exit Sub

End If

strsql = “”

    For i = 1 To Me.Text8

strsql = IIf(strsql = “”, “”, strsql & ” union all “) & “select Semester,StudentID,’Class ” & i & “‘ as ClassLebel,Class” & i & ” as Class,Class” & i & “_Campus as Campus from tblStudentSchedule where StudentID=” & Me.Combo13


If strsql <> “” Then

Set qdf = CurrentDb.QueryDefs(“qryReportData”)

qdf.sql = strsql

End If

strPath = CurrentProject.path & “Report_” & Nz(Me.Combo13.Column(1), “”) & ” ” & Nz(Me.Combo13.Column(2), “”) & “.pdf”

If objFSO.FileExists(strPath) Then

Kill strPath

End If

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, “Report1”, acFormatPDF, strPath

If objFSO.FileExists(strPath) Then

SendMail strPath, Nz(Me.Combo13.Column(1), “”) & ” ” & Nz(Me.Combo13.Column(2), “”) & “.pdf”

End If

Set objFSO = Nothing

Set qdf = Nothing

End Sub

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