Email Address
Gregory Matthew
I contacted your office earlier this week, but have not heard from anyone yet. If someone could let me know how this works, I would like to schedule a time to discuss my Access project with you. Also, I would like to find out if MS Access will work with what I am trying to do. Thank you.
his is what happens. Usinf Access 2003 on XP or Windows 7 it works perfect, if I add records then send the backend to Windows 8 or 10, the records do not appear, Also if I add records in Windows 8 / 10 then send to XP they do not appear. check attributes and they look good.
James Letterneau
We have approximately 110 test reports in Microsoft Access format that need to be updated. Occasionally we'll need to update the report header/footer information on all the reports in the same way, but the current report format doesn't actually use a header/footer template. We are looking to "standardize" as much of the common information on these reports to a header/footer template, so that we can make an update in a single location and have it apply broadly.

All the reports are unique, so part of the effort will be to determine which information can be grouped into the header/footer content. We'll have at least two separate formats (one portrait, on landscape), but there may be a possibility for more as required.

Once the header/footer template is created, the next step will be to reformat the reports to look as close as possible to their current state. This will likely result in needed to shift some report fields around.

Note: Some of the reports have two or more pages.
Christopher Wallander
949 646 0034
Looking to improve our current, spreadsheet based, payroll reporting function for remote employees.
Mike Chavanne
I have a very robust Access Database (that we still run in Access 2000) that I would like to review the following:

1) Updating to more current version
2) Changes to some fields & data entry points
3) Currently, have a basic ASP function, but would like it to be more robust.

I tried to attach MDE version, but would not upload.
Marc Adler

I have a local client (Philadelphia) in need of some tweaks to their Access database. The database manages time sheets. We are a FileMaker Pro and ASP.NET shop so don't have the necessary skills. I would like to either sub you guys or have you go direct. They have an end of November timeline for changes to an existing database. I can provide more details.

Phone Extension 119.
David Scharf
I have over 10 years of MS Access and SQL Server skills and experience. I'm interested in the possibilities of joining your team and helping clients reach their goals. I have great communication skills and look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.
Tom Fritz
I sell commercial real estate and would like to be able to track all properties that are bought and sold on a daily basis. I would like to be able to sort the results and then filter them. Then I would like to be able to check a box and export only the results I want to a customized report with my name and logo on it. See attached for what I drew up.
Jeffrey Merovitz
We just upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010. Certain programming that used the SOAP Toolkit in 2003 is not working in 2010. We need to rewrite a module that doesn't use the SOAP Toolkit. Is that something that you can do.
Gemini Kline

We'd like help with MS Access and integrating it with Outlook contacts
Alonzo Nesbit
803 429 0875
Summary, as requested:

Need an Access database (2010) that will allow trainers to submit "Class" information on a Form that will poplulate associated Tables (see attached database) and a Report that shows "Class" evaluation question averages per student, per question, per Class and a total average for the Class (see attached Report template). I need to scroll up and down the Form via the mouse scroll wheel (not limited to the scroll bar on the right-hand side). I also need to be able to add Courses. I would also like to be either on a call or sharing my screen during the development process to ensure the devloper and I are on the same page, as far as what is needed and how to use the database once it is developed. Sending other attachments since I only see one opportunity per Free Quote request (Browse).
Alonzo Nesbit
803 429 0875
Summary, as requested:

Need an Access database (2010) that will allow trainers to submit "Class" information on a Form that will poplulate associated Tables (see attached database) and a Report that shows "Class" evaluation question averages per student, per question, per Class and a total average for the Class (see attached Report template). I need to scroll up and down the Form via the mouse scroll wheel (not limited to the scroll bar on the right-hand side). I also need to be able to add Courses. I would also like to be either on a call or sharing my screen during the development process to ensure the devloper and I are on the same page, as far as what is needed and how to use the database once it is developed. Sending other attachments since I only see one opportunity per Free Quote request (Browse).
Alonzo Nesbit
803 429 0875
Summary, as requested:

Need an Access database (2010) that will allow trainers to submit "Class" information on a Form that will poplulate associated Tables (see attached database) and a Report that shows "Class" evaluation question averages per student, per question, per Class and a total average for the Class (see attached Report template). I need to scroll up and down the Form via the mouse scroll wheel (not limited to the scroll bar on the right-hand side). I also need to be able to add Courses. I would also like to be either on a call or sharing my screen during the development process to ensure the devloper and I are on the same page, as far as what is needed and how to use the database once it is developed. Sending other attachments since I only see one opportunity per Free Quote request (Browse).

Thank you!
Alonzo Nesbit
803 429 0875
Need a Training database to house Courses, Classes, Instructors and Training Evals for classes. Already have tables setup but cannot get form to enter data to work properly or get Eval rating averages and total averages. Need help sooner rather than later. Would prefer sharing screen and working with consultant.

Thank you!
Phyllis Thomas
973- 972-6886
I would like to know if you can help me with a (ELMS) Employee Leave Monitoring System database in Access. I have the database on my computer, but it is from 2013.

Thank you,
Phyllis Thomas
Ryan Zilker
We need help building a product launch tracking system.
Pam Pavela
951 847-4459
Hi Mike, Here is my ACCESS database I was telling you about. It is for a silent auction that is happening tomorrow.
Problems: I can't get relationships to work. The Donors, Bidders, and Categories tables should be a one-to-many relationship with the Items table with referential integrity. I think this lack of relationships are throwing everything else off. I can't open my Bid Sheet unless I go in via design view. I was having problems with the way the Donor table was acting, so I removed the Donner field from the Bidder Sheet. I have now placed it back on the Bidder Sheet, but know it may not be correct - I just wanted you to see where it goes. None of my reports work except for the Alpha Item List and Items by Display Number. However, when I enter a display number in the Items by Display Number table, it does not show up in the report.
If you think you can resolve my problem within a couple of hours, great. Otherwise, I may have to start all over because I need to print bid sheets by noon. Thank you!!!
Key DePonte
We would like to create something like Order hive -
Phillip Steel
I upgrded to access 2016 and now my company logo does not appear on my reports in print preview. What is wrong?
Jerry Weinstein

I hope this finds you well.

I am looking for a quote & guidance for our company in handling our customer data & orders through Access.

Our main goal is to capture every customer to be able to quickly find their orders and autogenerate an Invoice, PO and packing lists. Then down the road have something that would interface with webstore, Amazon & Ebay orders, etc--capturing every customer, knowing how much they ordered, etc

So it is most important to capture customers & create invoices and po processing.

Creating & maintaining skus are a secondary item. We have around 50% of what we sell stock & 50% specialty made to order.

We wanted some options on how to approach this and if possible, pricing for setting this up.

We are currently at 1500 orders per year—which is about 125 invoices & 180 PO's & packing lists per month. 20-50 core customers and the rest new & smaller customers.

We are currently using an Excel based spread sheet with excel based Invoice, PO & packing list forms.

Here are additional items that we would like:

1) Want a master spreadsheet to account for

Date of order
Date of billing
Date of payment
Invoice #
Customer name, company name, address, phone, email
Customer where to send invoice (email or mail address)
Third party shipping name & address (must be an option)
Customer purchase order #
Customer payment method (credit card, N30, N45, etc.)
Our purchase order #'s (up to 4 PO's per invoice) for our suppliers (drop shipping)
Supplier name, company name, address, phone, email
Packing lists (up to 4 per invoice)- no supplier names or costs listed. For supplier to use in blind shipping.
Supplier name, address, contact person, phone #, email
Item quantity
Item cost
Item total cost per line item (unit cost x quantity)
Promised delivery date (or # weeks for delivery)
Special instructions for each purchase order
Item price
Item total price per line item (unit price x quantity)
Gross profit (Total price - total cost per line item)
Shipping cost
Shipping price
Shipping profit
How shipping & company used (UPS, Fed Ex, truck, etc) (optional)
Tracking or pro # of the shipments (optional)
Bank fees or other fees
Commisions for 8 reps (10% of item total price per line item) (subtracted from total)
Total line item profit
Notes on order-

Note that currently, our master spreadsheet, all invoices, PO's & packing lists are Excel based forms. However, the data from the spreadsheet does not transpose onto the invoices & PO's. We need to retype all the info 2 to 3 times.

After entering (or calling up from memory) all the above line items on the spreadsheet, then it would be ideal to have the following done:

2) Invoices created for that customer with all line items & prices- invoice must be available for changing. Any third party shipping our customers want must be added somewhere on the invoice. This happens often, especially with reps.

3) Purchase orders for each supplier created with costs & how to pay the supplier- PO's must be available for changing for special instructions.

4) Packing lists created for each supplier with no costs or supplier names on this form & how we are paid by the customer- packing lists available for changing.

5) Invoices, packing lists & PO's automatically converted to PDF's and stored when all data is completed.

6) Ability to search past orders & company information & have it come up as a list- we can do this now with Excel.

7) Readily useable sales and marketing data for trends, e-mail campaigns, sales catalog/cards/flyers, dormant customer analysis, and calling campaigns

8) Improved customer care/shipment tracking/responsiveness / follow up- built in calander notifying when an order is late for shipping by a supplier or late for payment to us by a customer.

9) Interfacing with web store fronts such as ebay, amazon and alibaba- this is secondary step.

10) Ideally, all data stored on Google or cloud for access by up to 5 computers simultaneously in real time. We are doing this now on Google for free with the excel files.

11) Phone interface (Vonage) would be nice so make calls from data base memory

12) Accounting and taxation for each transaction. Right now, we do not account for taxes anywhere.

This is a starting point.

As discussed, total orders per year around 1500, going up around 30% per year projection.

Please call to discuss.


Jerry Weinstein


226 Route 209

Port Jervis, NY 12771

(518) 701-6722 Main

(845) 293-9067 Cell

(718) 569-6475 Fax

Sr. Richard Carmel
I have a MS Access 2010 Database which I have used for several years. I need to create an append query that will move records of Sisters who have died from one table to another table. I have been able to do this find up until recently when I had to add a Mission History Table and related subform to my original table of Sisters. Is there someone who can come to my workplace and assist me with this. It will involve creating an append query that will move all the records from one table to another. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you. Sr. Richard Carmel, St. Teresa's Motherhouse 600 Woods Road, Germantown, NY 12526
Robert Wilken
I need help getting my data base to work properly, I have 2 customized templates one for investors and one for borrowers with multiple tables I need to relate to each other.

What would it cost to get the 2 template working correctly?
Ronald Dyson
Cannot save the current record in an access form. I used to use DoCmd RunCommand Saverecord which no longer exists.. Now I use "Me.Dirty = False" but I'm getting an error.
Zella Jones
I have a client with a terrible database. What we need is a good Access set-up that can be accessed remotely by key personnel. I can provide the necessary fields and breakdowns. Will need to export to List serve and then update periodically.

Client can do input of cleaned up list, what we need is the right set-up. Need a quote or perhaps a conversation.
Need help ASAP in moving access database with several tables being used in different word 2010 mail merge documents. Database has to be moved to another path but link is broken when moved.
Jim Swett
Please take a look at the attached PDF identifying bugs that I need fixed in my ACcess program.
Michael Stafford
412 735 3709
Michael Stafford
113 Tree Farm Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
September 21, 2015

Human Resource Representative,

I am looking for either a full time or contract position as a Microsoft Access Database Developer. After graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, I worked as a Microsoft Access Developer for almost five years at Highmark Health Services. At Highmark I primarily used VBA and SQL. I then studied Oracle Database Design at Kaplan University. I studied topics such as Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Packages in PL/SQL and T-SQL. I am dedicated, hardworking, and very reliable. I look forward to talking to you about employment.


Michael Stafford

412 735 3709
Tina Cassidy
Would like a free quote to create an access database to do Tag inventory. Please see attached requirements.
Lady Tinor
I am in the process of developing a database and would like your help to ensure data normalization and assist with developing the forms; as well as setting up some user rights.

So far, I have designed the tables and assigned the relationships - which I have attached to this email.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of this projects.


Lady Tinor
Business Systems Analyst
Cobalt Group
Damon Jackson
Would like to speak with a programmer about making modifications to an access database.
Martin Ende
Need quote
Bill Cunliffe
I have a small database that needs creating. It is used to track a pipeline of deals that a team of analysts are covering. I'd be interested in learning more about your services.
Kristofer Olafsson
Access 2003 file that need to be upgraded to 2010. It also does not compile anymore, it's been modified from a 97 version years ago. The file is a single file with linked tables on a SQL server. the file itself is around 700mb. Maybe discuss converting some pages or functions to webpages if possible?
Wayne Nowland
We have a old version of an Access that needs some changes and updating and the original programmer is no longer available.
Anthony Frankina
661 775-1144
we have a rudimentary database but does not have reporting, search, tasks or communication we need
Gina Roper
I have several years of experiencing developing databases utilizing MS Access and VBA as well as SQL.

How can I become a consultant for your company?


Gina Roper
Payne McIntosh
I have a program designed in Access 2007 on an Microsoft XP operating system. I've encountered a Runtime Error 6 Overflow when trying to print a report. We've used this program for 15+ years and are having this problem for the first time. The man who designed it for us has since passed away. Is this a problem you may be able to help with.
Jeremy Powell
This is the backend portion of the previous message. Both attachments have been renamed from .mdb to .txt to avoid attachment blocking.
Jeremy Powell

I have an older version of an MS Access application that I'd like to convert to the latest version. I've attached the front end. There is also a backend.

Thank you,

Alejandro Gomez
I need a basic system to track information from 4 sources (cls lists), with alarms, dates for deadlines, dates for specific tasks and equipment loan (check in - check out). I had a student develop something in Access that is full of bugs and it is driving me crazy!
Please let me know if Access is the tool I need and how much it costs to develop something like this.
Thank you,
Matthew Giardina
I am creating an Access Database for my company and need some help finishing a couple of forms.
Michael Dailey
I am trying to link a database on Google Drive to my Access 2002 program. I successfully link to all of the files in the database but when I open a table (any table) I get the message ODBC failed. Can you fix? How much?
Tessa Peshek
We have an asset tracking database program in Access and we need to enter current maintenance information into our forms for each piece of equipment we own. However, after 8 records (forms), the lines (grid-like) are not appearing in the maintenance work area window on the form, and the information is not syncing up when entered into the maintenance table or main asset table. Do you have an idea how to make those grid lines appear so that we can continue to update our data?

It may help for you to know that when we started with our Access program the form template that was already programmed only contained examples of data through 7 forms.

Also, I had a question about the "relationships" between fields on the Access program and why it will not let me delete certain fields that came with the original form template? An error message pops up saying that we need to remove the field from its relationship with other fields before we can delete that column.

And lastly, is there a way to delete a primary key or is it forever permanent?
I saw a sample template that I think would work for our business- Marine Construction. But need to be able to modify the amount of text that can be put into the quotes and invoices. Also would like to be able to adjust the customer page and add fields.
Lastly, if there was a way to input job information into quickbooks that would be cool too.
I created a database over 14 years ago with lotus and it is still working. We run all our contracts and customers on it. But I dont think it will last much longer and looking for a replacement. Can send you pics of my database and the sample access I was looking at.
Steve Imhoff

I just emailed and wanted to let you know our availability.
We will be happy to speak to you tomorrow, 9/4/15. You may ask for Monica if I am not available.
Thank you.
Steve Imhoff

We have an MS Access program that was built for us in 2012. It has the capability to perform our daily duties for our small driving school from sending courtesy reminders, confirmations, reports. We need help to update the program and fixing a glitches.
Thank you. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Imhoff
Shawn Yates
Jithin Mathew
Final Test.: Shawn let me know if this is coming correctly 🙂
Jithin Mathew
Again testing
jithin mathew
Mohamed ali
I would like a customer database similar to the example on the website. I would like for it to have the following:

1. CRM component where I can put customer details that we do business with
2. New quote entry, status, update (linked to customer table)
3. Input part details into different groups of parts (i.e. pin, axle, sleeve and components - 4 groups' total)

This relational database will be able to help our small company quote products.
It will use simple part characteristics to call out a list of parts we have that match the dimensions (part OD, ID, length, thickness, material, etc.)
I built an Access Web app. Entries and parameter queries work great BUT I've added the query as a view so the end user can run on own and download info as needed. When I launch the app and sign on as end user it doesn't prompt the user to enter parameters and the query fails.

Does Web App support this? Have tried a few macros, but still failed - "parameters not supplied..."

Kalli Anderson
We are looking for a quote for a custom database to run our day to day operations, please call for more information.
Amy Morris
I'm looking for someone to answer Access questions. An Example is that i hired someone to do a database for me. She uses PC but i use a Mac so i have to use it thru Paralles. When i downloaded the database, each page is so big i can't see it and i can't not figure out how to zoom down. Also it has forms and subforms and the subforms page is only showing the table not the actual form. When i go to design view i can see what it should look like. I'm not sure how to switch it over. So i'm looking to get questions like this answered ASAP, and i'll probably have many of them, and then maybe be billed monthly. I guess i might need someone that is familiar with a Mac as well. Is this something that you could do for me?
Anacris Quezada
We had a custom database created that works directly with QB to manage our collections/receivables. We recently had to create a new QB file and upgrade to the 2015 version which caused errors with the access database. I am looking for a quote to repair the current program or a quote to create a new one similar or better than what we were using.
Gary Polinsky

I want help with a commissions database I have developed. My two main challenges are:
1) Automate the refresh of linked tables. I want to pass a month and year parameter to a stored procedure in a SQL Server database.
2) Improve the performance of reports. A key report is about 175 pages and takes 15-20 minutes to run. I want to modify the design, indexes or use other methods to reduce the report run time.

Nancy T Horner
501-622-9191 501-525-5822
spoke to Mike - Attention: Mike
Gregg M. Bainbridge
Regarding Access 2010

bar code 3 of 9 does not seem to work at all?

This is a win7 operating system issue, Had no issues when the operating system was XP.

I think this is an Access problem as I did a bar code serial number in NOTE PAD, printed and it scanned. Did the same thing from Access, and it will not scan?

I need to get the Win7 Access to work with the bar code to meet the companies software requirements as XP is not supported any longer. Be nice if there is a software upgrade that I can down load. Thank you..
Dave Camilleri
We need an access database built for our company. Please call to discuss.

810-667-4240 X 1592
Mandy Habermehl

Im looking to have a customizable form to work within Sharepoint 2010 for our Department. This form would need work with Sharepoint, and be able to be created by one user, and be able to be edited by that person, as well as others (they collaborate on each form)

The reason I wanted to use Microsoft access was because I need to have a Parent/child form relationship, and tab style view to keep replicated information tidy.

I have attached the form that we created in Sharepoint so you can see what Im trying to do - the problem with this form is that it is super clunky, only allows us to put in 15 tactic sections (they all repeat), and is not able to spit out a PDF or word document of the information once in.

Our timeline is very aggressive, and we need this form a week ago 🙂 We would require someone to be able to provide this to us with a very quick turn around. All the information, and fields and information in those fields seen on the PDF is ready to go.

Please let me know if something like this is possible, and what an estimate of costs would be as well as a delivery date.
thank you

Mandy Habermehl
Ryan Corbet

I work as a Senior Quality Analyst for Bank of America Collections Services. I am interested in finding a company that can provide Microsoft Access classes on site to a group of 10-15 people. The initial classes would be entry level. Are these the type of services your company could provide?

I'm looking for a course of this nature

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Access
Topic A: Orientation to Microsoft Access
Topic B: Create a Simple Access Database
Topic C: Get Help in Microsoft Access

Lesson 2: Working with Table Data
Topic A: Modify Table Data
Topic B: Sort and Filter Records
Topic C: Create Lookups

Lesson 3: Querying a Database
Topic A: Join Data from Different Tables in a Query
Topic B: Sort and Filter Data in a Query
Topic C: Perform Calculations in a Query

Lesson 4: Designing Forms
Topic A: Create a Form
Topic B: Modify the Design of a Form
Topic C: View and Edit Data Using an Access Form

Lesson 5: Generating Reports
Topic A: Create a Report
Topic B: Add Controls to a Report
Topic C: Enhance the Appearance of a Report
Topic D: Prepare a Report for Print

Lesson 6: Designing a Relational Database
Topic A: Relational Database Design
Topic B: Create a Table
Topic C: Create Table Relationships

Lesson 7: Creating Advanced Queries
Topic A: Create Parameter Queries
Topic B: Create Action Queries
Topic C: Create Unmatched and Duplicate Queries
Topic D: Summarize Data

Lesson 8: Sharing Data Across Applications
Topic A: Import Data into Access
Topic B: Export Data to Text File Formats
Topic C: Export Access Data to Excel
Topic D: Create a Mail Merge
View outline in Word
Russell Duncan
Interested in bringing my Access 2003 applications up to date and making some modifications to the application to reflect changes in my market.

Not sure where to start or if you are the right people but I'm starting with you.

Need some input from you as to the next steps.
Craig Reisinger
303 726-4603
I will receive csv files from my customers that I will need to pull into tables from which queries can be run. Tables will have compound keys of 2 or 3 fields. I do not think I will need more than 5 or 6 tables each of which will contain an estimated 50 fields (these are ballpark numbers).

I would like to know if I can work with your team to determine the most efficient table structures and keys, normalization of the data, develop the queries, and probably have you design forms for table updates.

Sample table (fields only) structures attached. This is very basic data, table, and query activities. Can you estimate how long it would take to develop these tables with the most effective key structure, create the table maintenance forms, and provide basic queries filtering on 2 or 3 fields?

Thank you.
Bob Boice

We are in need of a Microsoft Access resource to help us update a report and potentially fix what appears to be some minor issues in an existing Access database. We are hoping to find someone who can start immediately and possibly complete the work by mid next week. Is this something your company may be able to assist with?

Thank you.
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Kilie Erickson
I am looking for a small custom database that is web based and can have multiple users. I need help with the set up and the conversion on what is now being held in excel.
Steve Fetters
Here is a design document for the possible development project that one of our clients has asked us to develop. The client is in need of getting this turned around quickly so how soon can you get us an estimate?


Steve Fetters
Director of Business Consulting
AccuNet, Inc.
Office Direct: 614.568.2107 |Main: 614.899.9900 | Cell: 614.867.6086 |

Danielle Cannella

I am based in Michigan City, Indiana at a manufacturing plant. I am looking to complete a shared and secure Access database for data entry as well as extraction.

Kind regards,

Tony DiBlasi
(614) 224-8446
Seeking a vendor to assist with the development of an Access database to inventory building components / track warranty info / predict useful life of these components / generate some simple reports. Can explain in more detail when we talk. We do have an outline of a requirements document to facilitate the development process, but have a limited budget. Let's talk as soon as possible! Thanks.
Kim Hafermalz
Attn Mike:

I would like a free quote on developing a database for our nonprofit in Central Oregon.

It was good to talk to you this afternoon.

Warmest regards,

Kim Hafermalz
Maan Kheirbeik
Programmer Analyst search job in programming
Frederick Doxbeck
we have forms on excell used in our company and i want to get them into access and shared on a common drive so that multiple people can get at them and update them. We have IT that can get them on the server but we dont have anyone that knows access, can you help?

hi there. we have an online database we have been using for our company for over 10 yrs now and are looking for support for updates and also programming, we currently have an inhouse programmer who has been with us long term but we need support for him as well.
John Gajdecki
778 838 8003
Attention MIKE : Following up on our phone call of Wednesday, July 29 2015.

Usual number of users.

10 users in 1 location
50 users in 4 locations
500 users in 10 locations

Can we have multiple front ends to a single set of tables in SharePoint.

- make it 100 % impossible for artists to see budgets
- artist interface can be dark, co ordinators can be light
- build individual apps to handle small parts of the entire database

- responsive site possible - .net program

Can a schedule table in AOS drive a calendar that is outside

Can we prevent users from downloading the Access database file from Sharepoint

What cool functions in SharePoint an we incorporate into the user experience -

- link access to a calendar visible on home page

- chat function so artists can communicate

- document library linked so we can open it in AOS (Access on SharePoint)

Document library

- Can buttons in AOS make changes to document library

- Can we push a button in AOS and play a quicktime or mp4 from the document library

PDf reports needed.

- needs a way to filter and sort

Can we work off line, so we can be in the middle of no where, make updates and have them sync later ?

We want to license it to companies who are very security conscious. What are my security options ?
Bob Woodss
I am converting access97 for my business applications to 2007 and eventually 2013.. 98% of the work is fine but running code from 97 modules is giving problems and errors. I am working at home to avoid distractions.and that number is 201-265-7030. My business number is 201-265-7778. I am the founder of the 40 year old business and am semi retired and the firm is presently being run by my son and daughter. As I was the one there from inception, I am most familiar with the databases. i would like to discuss the one problem we have to generate multible spreadsheets from code in a module that performs well from 97 but does not work in 2007 when converteded
Look foward to speaking with someone from your firm.
Bob Woods C&E Lockbox Services
mackenzie myles
Hi there,

I have a database that consists of; Investors, Funds, and Payments.

Each investor can be in many funds, and each fund is made up of many payments.

I need a database where I can add new investors, new funds and new payments anytime.

Example: Person1 can be in fund1 fund2 and fund3, and they made different payments to each fund.

Finnaly I need a form in which, when i search for a specific investor, it displays all the funds they are in, and each funds payments. It needs to be scalable, because I will eventually have 20+ funds.

I want my form to look similar to the "Main" form in my current database.
Mackenzie Myles
Hi there, I have a current database that I created from a bunch of excess documents.
Because they were imported from excel, i ran into problems because the database was not normalized, and i'm not adept enough at access to do this.

My database consists of:


Each Investor has contact information
Each Investor is part of many funds
Each Fund has many payments
Each payment consists of a date and a number
New funds are added constantly

*I want a form that can display each investor, which funds they are in, and they're payments for each fund.*

Note: I have no problem re-adding all the information again if that help. That way you can create a new blank database instead of dealing with my mess. Also, that way I have the form "Main" Set-up is the ideal form I want
714 934 3110
I'm looking to program an Access database to track our site's employee training. We are a manufacturing facility which employs ~275 associates at all levels and different business functions.
Perry T
647 892 5680
We are a small Canadian Freight Forwarding Company specializing in Shipping Personal Effects around the Globe and Commercial Cargo as well. At present we have an Access 2003 System and desire to upgrade it using Access 2013. We may require it to be integrated to an accounting software such as QuickBooks. Could you kindly let me have your Free Quote for this Project - Regards - Perry
Randy Shafer
Looking for a Support Center call logging program. Have seen a few in MS Access that may be able to be tweaked to fit our needs
Bernadette Mitchell
973 615 2448
I'm trying to merge two EXCEL files using Microsoft access and I need some support I will need written instructions afterwards and someone to walk me through the process

Kathleen OGrady
Thank you for speaking to me. I hope I'm attaching 2 files, one is the database and the other is a copy of our basic structure.

In the database you will see an Entities table and a Relationship table.

What I am trying to achieve is to create a query that will allow me to input one entity (A), get a list of what entities A owns (B) and then the sub entities that are owned by the B companies down to the person level or, in the reverse up to the Limited Partnership level

I don't know if I'm going about this correctly or if I'm setting up the database of entities incorrectly.

The word document gives you a graphic idea of the structure of a typical development. For my current task, I need to produce experience listings for each entity within the chart.

I hope this explains my problem. Please contact me for more details

Kathleen O'Grady
941 780 2983
We are looking for someone to help us create two new databases precisely like 2 that we currently use for a charter high school. We had to let our IT person go and so we are unsure how to reset to new databases for the upcoming school year. We would need this done asap. Thanks so much!
Kathleen OGrady
I have a database query problem that I just can't figure out. Need help to know if it is designed wrong or if I just need a better query
Bill Dumond
When using your services, is there a contract, and does it include a confidentiality clause? I need to make sure that the information your programmer would have access too by viewing our existing database is protected.
Mark Grissom
I have a database that I would like to have quoted. It would be desktop and tablet based with upload to webbased or direct from web based depending on available resources at the time of consultation. The project would be capturing processes and would be used to capture data for a future library. The results would be captured and disclosed in a report with task to do list and recommendations. would be work for hire as intellectual property.
Kevin Boydston
we have an old access data base that was built by a amateur. using "Access for Dummies" and the "Access Bible" book. Our version of access is 2003 and we need help in properly designing for what we do , various reports forms gooies Etc.
Kristy Morgan
We are happy to announce our new "Performance Based SEO Program". We will only charge you when we will get real results for you in search engines. If you don't rank, you don't pay. Please reply to get more details.
Aubrey Ambinder
(212) 278-6838
Hello! I am an Event Planning Specialist for Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking. Our team has been using the same database (made by someone years ago who had coding experience) for many years. We now want to create the same database in access, without linking any of the old information. I am hoping to get a quote from you guys and discuss more. I cannot send the file yet as it contains confidential information, and will need to get this signed off by our IT department. Please feel free to reach out at any time. Thanks!
Craig Conrad
813 615-7200
We need an Access DB help to take a shared spreadsheet and turn it into a DB. The use of a single file by many people has obvious problems. We need the DB set up, some basic input screens and reports.

813 615-7200 ext 51059
DAvid Nuell
I have a massive flat excel spreadsheet that I want to customize and I think Access would be able to help. I would be interested in talking to someone to see if we can retain you to complete this task.
Amberly Dawn Aiken
I was referred to you guy's by an employee named terry for access employment at the front desk employment I;m a very hard worker I went to kieser college for 2 years for a medical assistant and I helped my mom for the pass 16 years she is permanatly in a wheel chair and can not move I had to give her med's and take care of all her medical need's so im a good worker and thank you very much thank you sencirly Amberly Dawn Aiken
Bradley West
Looking to get a quote to build an access database capable of handling material dispsotion. I've attached a text file with some suggestions from my team on how the database should work, .
Chris Rile
I would like some help finishing a database program because I'm getting in a little over my head. you can read about it at a forum I posted it to I need a little more done than just that, and other aspects may pop later on, on the project, as well.
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Jim Shirley
775273 2105
I think that just submitted a request for a quote with improper contact info....The info herein is correct.
Scott Whitlatch
Jithin Mathew
Jim Shirley
I would like to create a database projection that would be an online application. It would have interview questions similar which would assist individuals filling out form documents. It would be similar to a flow chart, where depending on the answers, additional questions will or will not be needed. I have all the form documents in a Word format, with indicated places for the data. This may be a multi-phase implemented program. Or if grant funding is sufficient, we could do it all at once. The documents are divorce pleadings. The options progress with various issues: Children/no children, Retirement account/no account, etc..,.,.. I would like to see a series of questions that ask for the data and then input the data into the forms and allow them to be printed out.
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