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What are Macros?

A macro is a series of commands that an application program executes. Macros can help automate tasks that are within a program such as Access. Macros gives you the ability to program your software without requiring one to learn or understand the basics of having to write a program.

Create a Macro

  1. Click the create tab in the Ribbon, click Macro
  2. Use dropdown menu to select OpenForm
  3. Select the form name you want to open
  4. Select you next action in the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save and name your Macro.

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(This is the text for the Create Macro. Not sure how to make it exactly work without pictures. Need to add some information if pics can be added.

Ensuring that the CREATE tab is selected from the Ribbon, click Macro:

Use the dropdown menu to select your first action – choose OpenForm:

In the bottom pane, select the form name you wish to open – choose Customers Form (our only form):

Use the dropdown menu to select your second action – choose GoToRecord. In the Record field, choose the record you want to go to – choose New. What we’re doing here is ensuring that the form doesn’t open up a previous record – it goes straight to the end and has a blank record ready for you to enter a new record (this saves time and unnecessary clicks):

You’re now ready to save your macro. Click on the Save icon and enter a name for your macro. Make sure you name this macro AutoExec. By naming it Autoexec, we are instructing Access to run this macro everytime we open the database.)

Run a Macro

  1. Go to the Navigation Pane, double-click the macro name.
  2. On Database Tools tab, in Marco Group, select Run Macro, select the macro in the Macro Name, select OK.
  3. Macro open in Design view, select Run on the Design Tab, in Tools group. Open Macros in Design view by right-clicking in the Navigation Pane, Select Design View