How Microsoft Access Compact and Repair Happens

Databases tend to grow with use and can become corrupted. Using the Compact and Repair Database command assists in preventing and correcting the problem that can affect a database.

Here is how to use Compact and Repair

Step 1 – Make sure that you are the only one that is in the database. Only one user can be in the database for this tool to run.

Step 2 – Select the Microsoft Office button

Step 3 – From the Office menu, select “Manage”

Step 4 – Select “Compact and Repair”

Step 5 – The “Database to Compact From” dialog box appears. Select the database that you wish to compact and repair.

Step 6 – Select the Compact button

Step 7 – Rename the compacted database in the “Compact Database Into” dialog box.

Step 8 – Select the Save button

Optional Step – After checking to make sure the compacted database is running properly, you can delete the older version and rename the newer version the same as the old database.