Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Here are some answers to help you hone in on the information you need. That’s our style. We make doing business with us an easy and enjoyable experience.

The rate is $90/hr. Our consultants are senior level business experts and VBA programmers. You will find that our solutions are very cost effective.

Call today 435-625-0300. Most people are surprised that a senior programmer will answer the phone. Or fill out the request quote form.

Describe what you need to do over the phone or email. If it’s intuitive enough, we will provide an immediate quote. The quote will consist of the number of estimated hours multiplied by our consulting rate of $90/hr. If the project requires more explanation, we will schedule a gotomeeting call. Then you can share your screen and explain the files you have and what you want to accomplish. At that point, we will provide you a quote so you know your costs will be locked in before you approve the project.

We are based in Utah, but we do over 90% of our work remotely. People call or email from across the country and Canada (we love our Canadian clients, too!). We use various technologies for sharing screens, conferencing, sharing files, transferring files in a way that is very efficient and convenient. We travel and meet clients on site, but we usually find that is only necessary and cost effective for very large projects. We are highly effective communicaters, and we resolve clients’ fears about location very quickly. It’s as if we were working in the office next door.

We will invoice you when the project is complete, and you can cut a check or pay with a credit card online. We take all major credit credit cards and paypal.

We guarantee 100% it will work. Our quote will be the cost to deliver the solution. If there are bugs, we will work them out. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and if we have to put in double the hours that were quoted in a project to make it work, that’s what we’ll do.

A quote from the original founder of the company:
“I worked for 15 years for companies in roles where I worked in Excel and Access the entire day, and I was very good. I moved out on my own and started full time consulting in 2010. I quickly realized my Excel/Access/VBA skills would need to drastically improve if I were going to market myself as a true expert. Clients called me with the toughest problems and each day was a learning experience. I had to google for programming code and experiment a lot. Now, after delivering numerous, successful Excel and Access projects, and I can say I am a true, nationally respected Excel/Access/VBA expert. I speak at conferences, do corporate training, and deliver best in class solutions. I have applied the same standard in attracting talented consultants as the company grew. We have been able to reach out to some of the best VBA consultants and programmers in the world to join our team.”