Microsoft Access Reports Easily -AccessDeveloper

Data that is stored in Access in great for maintaining a database, but when if you want to share the data or being able to view the data away from a computer, it is not possible. Microsoft Access Reports allow you to design a ready-to-print document with information you would like to see.

Create a Report using Report Tool

The Report tool is the quickest way to create a report. This is because it produces the report instantly without prompting for information. The report will display all the fields from the table or query. The Report tool will not always create the final product, but it will provide a quick look to the essential data. If you wish you can save the report and modify it in Layout or Design view to better service your needs.

  1. Click the table or query of the report you want produced
  2. On the Create Tab, under Reports group, select Report.

Access will build the report and display in Layout view.

You can choose to save the report so the next time you open the report Access will display the most recent data.

Create a Report using Report Wizard

The Report Wizard allows you to be more selective about the fields that will appear in your report. Specify how the data is to be grouped and sorted and being able to use fields from more than one table or query, provided the specified relationships has been decided beforehand.

  • Click Create tab, Report group, Click Report Wizard
  • Follow directions on the Report Wizard, click Finish